• Yoga Level 2 Live Zoom
  • Yoga Level 2 Live Zoom

Yoga Level 2 Live Zoom



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Prana Vinyasa Level 2 With Colby

A Cleansing, Heart Opening Vinyasa & Deep Stretching
Cultivate Fluidity & Inner Stillness

Live On-Line Zoom Yoga Class
wherever you are in the world...
from the comfort of your home... 


Nourish your soul with a balanced and harmonious, breath based vinyasa class. A level 2 class to get the lymphatic system flowing, calm the nervous system, and ignite the power of our immune systems.This class will include asana, breath, and a deeply restorative savasana to nourish and replenish Spirit, Mind and Body.

Now, more than ever, mindfulness tools and practices are vital for our mental wellbeing and self-care systems. 

**Modifications and variations will be offered. If you have yoga props, that is great, but also not required. A few blankets or pillows is recommended.