• Activating The Cosmic Codes Part 3: The Sound Of Truth

Activating The Cosmic Codes Part 3: The Sound Of Truth

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Saturday Nov 10th, 6:30-9:30pm

Activating The COSMIC CODES
Part 3: The Sound Of Truth

With Divine Channels & Spiritual Teachers
Alison James & Ray Rolando

You are invited to attend this third workshop in our series Activating the Cosmic Codes. Through your willingness to be present upon Earth at this time, your expressions of Truth hold great significance in their reach and effect. If you have been experiencing doubt or fear, or procrastination in your life, be ready to invite Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth to remove what no longer serves you. In this workshop, Alison and Ray will be focusing on the power center of the Throat Chakra and the expressions of Self through the spoken and sung word. This is an opportunity for you to allow your Inner Truth to come forth, to embrace it and to ground it for yourself. Take another step towards Wholeness with your I AM Presence and take your place alongside your cosmic brothers and sisters in the Ascension process.

After our opening Meditation with the Violet Flame and Divine Ray Infusion, Alison will share insights on creation through the Power of Thought, Word, Sound and Action. In our journeying, we shall invite the Ascended Masters and our galactic family to assist our expansion as we encounter the Singing Flame of Merlin, the Hathors of Lyra and Goddess Hathor of Egypt. You may never be the same again!

By registering today, you set your intention to evolve into more of yourself and this will support your process up to and during the workshop.


Pre-registered / Pre-paid: $66                   
          Door Price / Day of: $77
                          Remote*:   $33

* NOTE: There will NOT be live-streamed material for this event, or recorded audios for attendees afterward. Remote Attendance is strictly a loving trust in the Universe to provide an energetic transmission of the live workshop. This allows the remote attendee to "sit with the group" though not able to be in-person. Remote attendees can be still during the event and connect in, or if they cannot be still at the actual time of the event, they will receive the workshop energy within 24 hours of the event when they are at rest